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AshterkandfamWell someone posted this on another thread: "Also I might add, this was all going on while the youth pastor/leader of the same campus was sleeping over with his then girlfriend ALL the time with witness and photo proof. This is just to see if we have changed our opinions given both are to blame, knowing they have obviously behaved differently and such but if you had …. 3,881 Followers, 2 Following, 2,476 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Мамы Астрахани (@astrakhan_family). It's only one of Lysa's income streams. David and Ashley at the Texas state fair with Ryder together. Ashleyterk, LLC received $30k in April…. 9k members in the Ashterkandfam community. I’ve also seen someone say that he went and stayed with one of his mentors for a …. This makes sense! I hope one of our own can get control of Ashterkandfam before Lysa and crew:) And let me know if anyone is interested in being a mod here! DollyTheMole is on assignment for another 3-4 weeks and all this shutdown talk has my nerves in a bundle. He has some at Disney and it seems to be winter at the time. 536K subscribers in the ask community. 35 84 84 comments Add a Comment MyButterflyTattoo • 3 yr. Illinois had the highest population of Ekstrand families in 1880. NPD is a personality disorder that CAN ONLY BE DIAGNOSED by a LICENSED PROFESSIONAL. This sub was created, and far in part a majority of still, to snark on this family, primarily that of Ashley and her recent drama. Yep this pretty much sums it up for me. Separation Post! : Ashterkandfam. Unless you are a registered dietitian, you have NO business giving ANYONE dietary advice. ago As someone who was on staff at the time he did have an affair with at least one man. I really think that David didn't want to live the influencer lifestyle she was so desperate to have. For sure! It's just sad that he would have to have her speak for him. More babies are murdered through abortion than school schoolings, so just saying that your arguments lacks logic. Explore "Lysa" posts on Pholder | See more posts about Freefolk, Gameofthrones and Ashterkandfam. On that youtube they made when they were in LA, she told David that “he owes me 2 years in Charlotte” because they lived in Bham for 2 years. Well inspiration struck and I looked at Brooke’s website. I fully believe that Ashley and those like her are the reason that some people don’t want to follow Christ. This person said they know David and it's not his fault. We were also told he willingly admitted to it. com posted it! : r/Ashterkandfam. But she's also super antivaxx cause one of her five children has severe food allergiesand she posts this reel. So instead of coming to this sub bitching about how much money she is stealing from all of you, which any money paid to her for a…. Which I can't imagine being true since …. Can we talk about a few things? This is Alyssa Gulino (Quilala), divorcee of …. Either they’re broken up/on the rocks or she’s hiding “good news” which I think could be anything from an engagement to an unplanned pregnancy - either way it will be “God’s timing”. r/Ashterkandfam on Reddit: A few days ago a post was up about. If there is anything going on maybe they will announce after the wedding. For sure! It’s just sad that he would have to have her speak for him. I really need someone to spill the tea about what happened to David. So are her and Spencer still together do we think??. [removed] /r/bethelsnark , 2022-01-02, 00:47:25. I took a little at Spencer’s post for her birthday. Shouldn’t a “MINISTRY TOUR” highlight showcase the people u ministered to? As someone who has been impacted by her words as a young person, the older I get the more I feel like her ministry was just to create flexibility for her family MORE than it was ever about true ministry. Where is Ashley? : r/Ashterkandfam. Taylor’s mom : r/Ashterkandfam. Mention of ST having some “mental things” surrounding him after his no hitter - also mention of his having “more followers” on Instagram Evaluating…. “Scumbags,” as my man Portnoy would say. by [deleted] “False modesty can be worse than arrogance. She’s always gone by both last names conjoined, and if it were one or the other it was always Hodges. And that it goes against what her mother preaches. This web page shows only a small excerpt of our Alexander research. People have said David had affair (maybe 2) and that he went to rehab. Why is Ashley not tagged in this? : Ashterkandfam. The only stuff I’ve seen of them together is the stuff she has posted on Instagram and YouTube which was so awkward and even uncomfortable to watch. The first of many lessons for Ashley Terk that walking the walk is harder than talking the talk. Narcissistic personality disorder usually develops in adolescence or during early adulthood. r/Ashterkandfam on Reddit: Can someone catch me up on the …. I find it odd she doesn’t seem to broadcast any life she has outside of them. Ashterkandfam on Reddit: I had to stop following her. He started college without a car. Alternative Title: Adult Woman gets told she is wrong for the first time. I mean after reading the Dolly post, I went to look at her feed all the way to her first post I think back in 2012. Later finding out that he was caught in the act. He thought he found it and bit down but turns out it was a puss filled cyst or something of that nature. The name is also derived from the ancient baptismal name Ansell. It’s honestly just dangerous and completely irresponsible. I diagnose people as a QMHP (qualified mental health professional). Deliberate? : r/Ashterkandfam. Maybe I’m looking into it too much but wonder why Brooke. All around it was just a terrible marriage from the start. I thought her mom was dead which was why she was so connected with Lysa and the Terk girls. I have followed Ashley since before she was married cause my mom and I read…. Also I’ve noticed a lot of alcohol in pictures recently (no problem with that at all) but it’s like they paint a picture they are holier than thou…. It is SO obvious Ashley and Spencer live together and not that there is anything wrong with that but it pisses me off that she tries to hide it. Even if the “truth” isn’t on her side and the court of public opinion finds her at fault she should do whatever she wants to do. He isn’t the most handsome man in the world but he makes me laugh, he supports my every dream and endeavor, he has provided well for us and takes good care of me and our children. An original dissertation by Ben-Datus-Dover : r/Ashterkandfam. Can't believe she has the audacity to guilt women into giving her money. The drinking age in SC was 18 at the time, and we spent many nights out doing what many others our age were doing. I don’t think he had a job once they moved to NC, or at. Ash’s friend Madi Prew just announced she’s writing a book. Spencer and David : r/Ashterkandfam. A community to discuss and mingle about Ashley Terk and the Terkeurst family. Does anyone remember last June, (honestly the last time I can remember David in one her stories) David was in a story where she was giving him a personalized (sponsored) wallet for Father’s Day and he just looked kinda off?. Why let David work at the gym then? : r/Ashterkandfam. So whatever happened with Michael was handled and dealt with, whatever is happening with David is also obviously hush-hush. In NC you legally have to be separated an entire year before a divorce can occur. Ashland is a name of ancient Norman origin. I didn’t know Ashley and David when they were together at COTH. Feels like she made the obligatory “give me sympathy” post only to establish a timeline for her new relationship. Seriously they look petty if they are truly trying to build a narrative that Ashley is a victim of abuse on social media, whether she is or not (I don’t want to discredit her if that is truly. Just had a random memory to a few years back when the Lord blessed Ashley with a place to stay for New York Fashion Week…. Free Chapel is clear that if you lead you can not drink, Especially in public. The Ekstrand family name was found in the USA between 1880 and 1920. 😂 He also made it clear that he’s the reason for the divorce-talked about hitting rock bottom, etc. This sub isn't for holding each other accountable and waving ones "holier than thou, WWJD" flags. Hope shared on her story Selena and Susan’s school orientation. So, forgive me if I'm a little slow to figure this out. Valheim Genshin Impact Minecraft Pokimane Halo Infinite Call of Duty: Warzone Path of Exile Hollow Knight: Silksong Escape from Tarkov Watch Dogs: Legion. While this thread is labeled as “snark,” we are ultimately trying to hold you accountable to the values and ideals that you in part sold us on. How to be an ACTUAL narcissist: Write your future sister-in-law a letter denoting the list of reasons why you are NOT asking…. Spencer and Ashley went to school together. There are so many things about this situation that just make me uncomfortable. Considering she said they “separated” in August (in quotations because many believe they actually separated in October when she took her. Matt Fish + Alyssa Gulino (Quilala) are official 44. So as much as I think people who choose to live a public influencer life are fair game when it comes to scrutiny, reading the two posts she just…. I've also seen someone say that he went and stayed with one of his mentors for a time just to get space and figure out what to do (stay together or divorce). not sure if y’all noticed but since yesterday Ashley has started following a new person. Search Reddit posts and comments - see average sentiment, top terms, activity per day and more. Both couples hung out a decent amount and were considered friends. I remember the last time I had the same worry was last year, which there was still 500 concurrent user online at the time. I’ve been pondering the whole A&D marriage situation ever since the ‘tea’ last Thursday. He included pictures from all over the country, and even with Ryser. r/Ashterkandfam • by Dizzy-Ad-801 In a shocking turn of events, a friend of Ashley’s passed away, and her way of honoring him is to post screenshots of where he told her how amazing SHE is. Maybe it’s because she’s not comfortable alone as evidenced by how quickly she moved on. I have always thought David wanted to live a more private life and not be on camera, always got those vibes. I can’t imagine her parents separation and Moms original path to divorce a few years ago was easy especially if someone else was …. I saw her live on the tour and I just have to say- I love her. 1k members in the Ashterkandfam community. Even if it’s influencing and goes back to what she did before, I’d be ok with that. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. With all the scrubbed posts from David in the past two years, I just wanted to get everything straight and formulate a…. Her Christianity claims are sickening and…. I mentioned this before, but I went to college with hope and Michael and ran in the same friend group. I didn’t pay close enough attention to quote him exactly, but today Pastor Chris (Church of the Highlands) spoke about honoring others no matter what they’ve done to you. One night our group of friends went out to a club because we knew they served alcohol to underage kids. Why’s it fair for you to insinuate that David invited Spencer because he’s “famous” and not fair for someone to insinuate that Ashley’s dating him because he’s “famous”? 🤨. In 1880 there were 28 Ekstrand families …. Mistress : r/Ashterkandfam. r/Ashterkandfam on Reddit: Shouldn’t a “MINISTRY TOUR. I’ll start off with saying many of us here suspect another divorce. It was stated in all of their documents if you wanted to lead a small group or have any part in leadership. This was about 44% of all the recorded Ekstrand's in USA. spotted: a wild ashley shocked that furniture is on back order the day after Black Friday. This sounds the most realistic to me. Explore Ekstrand genealogy and family history in the World's Largest Family Tree. 3k members in the Ashterkandfam community. There is clearly fault on both sides, and you know what, that is a part of being human. Is there a group for talking about ridiculous influencers?? …. Ashley, Spencer, and Ryser were spotted in Demopolis, AL visiting Spencer’s grandmother. This is a caveat to my previous post. r/Ashterkandfam on Reddit: Interesting! Levi Lusko, who just …. Jen def needs her own thread, because Alice (from GOMI) keeps locking the Jen Hatmaker thread over there… it’s so weird. Can we get a head count for who has been blocked by Ashley on Instagram? I was blocked for private messaging her about the …. r/Ashterkandfam: A community to discuss and mingle about Ashley Terk and the Terkeurst family. But whether they are separated/divorcing or not, how long…. I thought it was weird that Lysa is adding on to her already huge house, considering she has all adult children now, none at home, and it's just her and Art (maybe) there. I noticed she has lost more followers. I saw your earlier postdid you decide to talk to Spencer?. Which I can't imagine being true since parents wouldn't approve. Anyone know why Spencer wears a ring on his middle finger? I keep checking both of their hands for rings…. I’m still in shock that there are people out there that have nothing better in life to do, but to stalk out this family. The 2nd paragraph on her post about feeling like she had to hide or live a lie to protect her image, who do you think told her to keep it quiet? Her …. Art was a typical college student in the 80's. Michael was light heartedly dating a girl named savannah. /r/ashterkandfam, 2022-03-05, 16:43:18 Okay what’s up with Terk divorces? Lysa + Art, one of their adoptive sons got divorced to his wife (after a domestic violence call to the …. This face is so cringe : r/Ashterkandfam. I’ve also seen someone say that he went and stayed with one of his mentors for a time just to get space and figure out what to do (stay together or divorce). When he deeded it over to her, it was per their December 2016 post-nuptial agreement. So, I'm relatively new here and wondering where in the world are the boys? Do they not want to do these lavish things?? Or not…. But I expect something to come from her whenever they decide to speak up. Yeah she’s almost always used Ashley Terkeurst Hodges or Ashley Hodges. In total, IMDb notes that Stellan " [f]athered a total of …. Does anyone have access to the court records to show whether or not they have finalized the divorce? They’re usually easy to find online but I don’t know what county they. They don't exclusively work in NYC but are very close friends to the Lentzs. They way the Hodges and Terk families can scrub the entire internet of scandal is incredible. Does anybody who knows the family know anything about Art’s mistress? (Who she is, pics, details about the…. Use census records and voter lists to. The Hodges family - the dad is the pastor of a big mega church in Birmingham and he has a tendency to handle all of this stuff "in house". And what's really annoying is, I'm sitting here wondering if we are …. He posted this week about his new gf. ">Parading around like a family just sits wrong with me. They may not want their marriage troubles in the spotlight at this time and for it to overshadow Brookes wedding. God will never send you someone else’s current husband to be the love of your life. Hi I’m New here and found this page while trying to look for answers. This is a place to ask questions. Stellan has another two children, Ossian and Kolbjörn, with Megan Everett-Skarsgard, who he married in 2009. I've seen people mention heroin, alcohol, and pills as possible reasons for rehab. /r/ashterkandfam, 2022-03-05, 16:43:18 Okay what's up with Terk divorces? Lysa + Art, one of their adoptive sons got divorced to his wife (after a domestic violence call to the police), and ash and David…honestly it feels so strange to me…just thinking out loud here not really a question 18. Marybeth stuck around for a long time; her daughter Ashleigh was a close friend of Hope's in middle school/early high school. Honestly, it’s gotta be one extreme or the other. You blocked me within 20 mins of my comment on…. r/Ashterkandfam on Reddit: She is so out of touch with reality!!! I. When we get a moderator, can someone block this person? They …. It is not uncommon for children and adolescents …. I don't think Art claimed that he never drank. Now, I'm wondering if Ashley is going to sell her. 6k members in the Ashterkandfam community. All these posts did for me is confirm that someone is definitely being abused here. Explore Sam091483's (@Sam091483) posts on Pholder | See more posts from u/sam091483 about Little People Big World, Evangelicalsnark and Terksnark. Ashterkandfam on Reddit: Lysa makes $478/hour. Probably fillers or a nose job 🤷‍♀️ I hope she stops bc she is very pretty …. This web page shows only a small excerpt of our Ackland research. Additionally, Lysa was the one that claimed publicly, time and time again, that they got carried away ONE night, she ended up pregnant. What I realized is that all of you are psychotic, scumbag, stalkers. 10 votes and 17 comments so far on Reddit. Redirecting to /r/Ashterkandfam/comments/ngrt23/did_anyone_else_get_blocked_for_disagreeing_with …. It is not uncommon for children and adolescents to display. My insta and Reddit accounts exist for the Terks and for the day when…. Explore Wellokaythennnnn's (@wellokaythennnnn) posts on Pholder | See more posts from u/wellokaythennnnn like Passion 2022 - COVID fest. As long as she doesn't "buy" more followers, with all the $$$ coming from mama's forgiveness and healing wounds of betrayal books/seminars and turnball's million++++ Detroit Tiger's salary - if she really wanted to keep her "influencer" job she can purchase followers - and yes that is a real thing. Premium Powerups Explore Gaming. GameStop Moderna Pfizer Johnson & Johnson AstraZeneca Walgreens Best Buy Novavax SpaceX Tesla. Noticed the account mentioning who Ashley was dating as well as Lysa and Art’s current relationship status deleted their account which in turn deleted their comments. Now that the cat is out of the bag : r/Ashterkandfam. PC just preached on giving Honor and regularly preaches on it. If you have met either Ashley, David, or anyone affiliated with them, what were they like and what kind of impression did they make on you?. 8K subscribers in the Ashterkandfam community. I know she’s not a perfect human but I just truly believe she tries to make a…. Yeah she just posted a list of vendors on her stories (Lysa). I've changed my mind on any possible engagement/wedding with Spencer. Coins 0 coins Premium Powerups Talk Explore. I've been working closely with a senior staff member for the last several years. (PC’s home church) Ted had to step down then about a month later Beard had to step down. P31 was founded by Marybeth Mayhew Whalen, Jennifer McHugh and Lysa. I believe you can make a mistake once but doing it twice is being an enabler of other people's trauma, gaslighting, constant self-questioning and the almost permanent destruction of the victims trust and wellbeing for decades to come (the ex-partner / sons / daughters it impacts). Press question mark to learn the rest …. David is now in NC close to Ryser. AT only posts to her story if she is with ST or Ryser. 🙄 however they were idolized as “perfect couple goals” and still to this day live a social media perfect life leading and serving #blessed. If we're being honest : Ashterkandfam. I truly think she forced David to moving to LAX. And Ryser is David’s entire life. Explore Ellaevie1's (@ellaevie1) posts on Pholder | See more posts from u/ellaevie1 like we stan this queen and her 15 likes 🙌🏼👸🏼. T his is a screenshot from the Terkeurst Foundation's 2019 tax return. I know this is likely a small thing to some people but the stories she just posted of Ryser with the Gecko clearly purchased…. My Bad… : r/Ashterkandfam. ⋅ r/Ashterkandfam Amanda’s bday is today apparently and none of the Terk crew but Mark’s girlfriend has wished her a happy birthday she seems such a nice person, hope …. r/Ashterkandfam • by the_clarkster17 The cost of this party could easily pay off the rest of my student loans and the repairs I need on my car 😭 Perspective is crazy. Pastor Chris (Ashley’s soon-to-be-ex-father-in-law)’s message this morning. I'm still thinking about a comments section here the other night about marrying "the man of your dreams. Both Lysa and Art had a broken look about them in pix. r/Ashterkandfam on Reddit: Well, my comment on Hope’s latest …. And the problem is so many women take what she says hook line and sinker that they will go ahead and restrict their intake of food based on Lysa‘s advice. Valheim Genshin Impact Minecraft Pokimane Halo Infinite Call of Duty: Warzone Path of Exile Hollow Knight: Silksong Escape from Tarkov Watch …. Ok let me preface this with my hobby is doing deep social media dives lol and I go on The Knot sometimes to look at people I know and see their wedding parties and stuff when I’m bored. Def throwing some shade : Ashterkandfam. r/Ashterkandfam on Reddit: Does anyone know about Nick and …. But there is one innocent soul in all…. r/terksnark: A cozy home for snarking on “Christian Celebrity” Ly$a TerKeurst (and crew) while unpacking our collective trauma. In 1880 there were 28 Ekstrand families living in Illinois. r/Ashterkandfam on Reddit: Lysa’s matching tattoo with Art. ⋅ r/Ashterkandfam She just deleted this comment which means she is online and checking every comment from what she wrote I think she is well aware of this thread. Put the whole name in and they will come up! Ah okay! Thanks! I hear you, I do…but the same can be said for sporting events… and again, these are people making their own decisions… no one was forced to go…it is no different then young people spending a. He has been much better than my wildest dreams. Check out his Instagram post’s caption for more info. Hope was in a more serious relationship with a guy named Steven. I will say Jentzen's girls and wife are very flashy with Daddy's money 🤷‍♀️. Of all the frauds out there, Steven Furtick is the most obvious of them all. 8k members in the Ashterkandfam community. Back in August 2017, Art deeded over his ownership of their family home to Lysa as sole owner. What keeps hitting me over and over…. This is Alyssa Gulino (Quilala), divorcee of Jesus Culture singer. Ashterkandfam on Reddit: Poor Spencer…does he know he’ll ">r/Ashterkandfam on Reddit: Poor Spencer…does he know he’ll. Shockingly different : r/Ashterkandfam. r/Ashterkandfam • by Aggressive_Diver7527 I suppose this is probably for Brooke’s new business so I get that - but like… why does it annoy me still 🥲🙃😂 I feel like this family is always doing fake wedding/bridal shoots. There are already 64 users and 1,025 genealogy profiles with the Ekstrand surname on Geni. 7k members in the Ashterkandfam community. It arrived in England with the Norman Conquest of 1066. I know they are her nieces but is she their legal guardian? Where is their mom?. She’s hot-looks like a middle age Barbie doll. His ex built an empire off of publicizing his infidelity. They had the property since at least 1997. Maybe the Terks posts about sexual assault has nothing to do with Ashley and David. Even though he came from a well to do family from West Palm Beach, Florida, you would have never guessed it. It's an old ass post wherein a guy was eating out a girl with a jolly rancher in his mouth and it got lost. David’s side : r/Ashterkandfam. This comment was said well I hope she keeps it. She's gone overboard with her lip fillers (it looks painful) & face work. Confused about the whole Lysa insta story in the first place? Did anyone ever claim/ think abuse was holy?? Lol that just …. I think Jennifer was the first to leave. I wanted to see if David was invited so I went on the RSVP and. I know her granddaughters are there a lot but still, it's a pretty huge extension to her house. Unless it's changed since I was there, the requirements to register are 5 members with at least 1 being a club officer, a faculty advisor, a club name, mission statement, and constitution/bylaws. Turns out Ted and another Pastor named Christopher Beard at New Life ran that program snd was abusing boys 18-23. As someone whose dad did exactly the same thing that Art did (twice like Art) then no. The Real Housewives of Atlanta The Bachelor Sister Wives 90 Day Fiance Wife Swap The Amazing Race Australia Married at First Sight The Real Housewives of Dallas My 600-lb Life Last Week Tonight with John Oliver. For the morning crowd: Lysa and Art are no longer together David was indeed going to rehab - steroids and alcohol brought on…. You have actually killed me 😂😂😂😂 “assumes this must be what oppression is” girl I can’t 😂😂😂. I will say Jentzen’s girls and wife are very flashy with Daddy’s money 🤷‍♀️. I’ve always just laughed about this story with family and friends, but I think it’s time for it to have a life on the internet…. I was in a sorority at Alabama at the same time she was there. I looked up AT on the list of PPP recipients a while ago and the details are…odd. Take Katherine Webb for example she was Miss Alabama with a small <10k following her personal account, but suddenly during …. 864 members in the Ashterkandfam community. Engagement will be announced once divorce is official…. by CollegeDaze87 but why not look at it from Art's perspective? Why does everyone always blame Art? Let me start off by saying that I knew Art before he became "Lysa …. Did Lysa really turn the “coffee shop” into a giant gingerbread house? At first I thought someone just made it look like one and then she had a list of ingredients and amounts used. I don’t know who needs to hear this, but this is a PSA for all the Christ following single men and women. I really have a problem with it. My husband isn’t the ma I dreamt of but I love him with all my heart. In sickness and in health is supposed to mean something. I was worried when she seemed to have no bounds being very descriptive with her words, so I’m guessing Terk’s caught her by the way she worded things. Neva Fuhget : r/Ashterkandfam. Redirecting to /r/Ashterkandfam/comments/ngrt23/did_anyone_else_get_blocked_for_disagreeing_with (308). by CollegeDaze87 but why not look at it from Art's perspective? Why does everyone always blame Art? Let me start off by saying that I knew Art before he became "Lysa Terkeurst's husband". For at least 5 minutes it seemed, he spoke about the sanctity of marriage and condemned. i won’t make any comment on the veracity his maintained ownership gives or takes away from Lysa’s new claims, but i did a little digging and found an …. The name is also derived from the …. An observation from a deep dive into Ashley's Instagram: The posts pushing products really ramped up after their move to NC, which would also coincide with the start of their problems. Continue browsing in r/Ashterkandfam. I just want to talk about Nikki Philippi putting her dog down because he bit her son. Art went on to buy a home in Waverly, near his restaurant. This family is so tacky and it’s such a shame because Lysa’s books and messages have helped me walk through some pretty dark things. You can’t fix a cheater, no matter how hard you want to. It may be very well bc of the upcoming wedding that they are keeping a low profile (if they are separated or getting divorced). I am wondering what her mysterious "coming soon" post is referencing. Early History of the Alexander family. An original dissertation by Ben-Datus-Dover. Anyone else notice… : r/Ashterkandfam. AND HER DAD COMMENTED AND CALLED HIM A GREAT SON. She’s been SAYING TIME AND TIME AGAIN SHE WANTS/NEEDS TO MOVE BACK TO CHARLOTTE NC. Explore Ashterkandfam (r/ashterkandfam) community on Pholder | See more posts from r/ashterkandfam community like Lysa makes $478/hour. Are You People Serious????? Introduction: Well, where do I begin with this? First, I'm new to Reddit, & it's not exactly user friendly. Right after their 10 year anniversary things started going south. Another 142 words (10 lines of text) covering the years 1155, 1644, …. After a deep dive, her mom is…. 4k members in the Ashterkandfam community. Another tea source disappears 🧐. They must be relieved to be able to share their pictures. There was a time when a lot of the older women at P31 exited, including Renee. The most Ekstrand families were found in USA in 1920. She's the reason we know something is going on in the first place. The Ashland family lived in Huntingdon. 9K subscribers in the Ashterkandfam community. 5k members in the Ashterkandfam community. I know a few of the girls whose weddings she was a bridesmaid in over the last few years and she always went by Ashley Terkeurst Hodges. I find it very misleading to have the marketing around your new book “the biggest announcement of the year”. Lawyers POV—- Y’all this is Ashley’s fault. I believe the reconciliation was sincere; however, it wouldn’t surprise me at all if Art crumbled under the pressure of having the reconciliation turned into a production, a book deal and the narrative (her forgiving him) that was set to define the rest of their lives. I just got a notification from Instagram for Ashley’s page (yes I live for her updates 😂) that she tagged the T-Mobile Park in…. It seems to be across the board (not just Ashley, but her sisters as well) to post/say things without entirely thinking of the messages it may be portraying (ex: Hope calling her nieces "orphans") or taking the time to educate after the fact, considering it's not usually a one-off things. I know a lot of us feel like she waits to release information until she writes a book in order to make $$, but would it be worth it to read in order…. /r/fundiesnarkuncensored , 2021-11-18, 11:52:59. To me it sounded like she couldn't have the life she wanted with acting, modeling, etc. Assumes this must be what oppression is. I think the thing I can’t comprehend is how she would think this is ok regardless of whether her and David are on the path to divorce. also, imagine being so entitled that something as mundane as this is the ~dEaTh of me~💀💀💀. Lysa is able to share her wisdom and insights in spite of what is going on personally, maybe even because of the trials she is currently walking through in addition to the past. Totally! But that’s the whole reason we came on here to snark!! AT doesn’t care about all the people who have DM’d her abt how she can “be a better Christian” so this sub is an outlet to snark on one of the biggest hypocrites in modern evangelism. As others have mentioned, you can put on a filter in a different app and then upload it to insta. T his is a screenshot from the …. Chris deleted his insta for awhile and then when he came back he made a post about it. All of you, & I do mean every single of you, are losers. More posts from the Ashterkandfam community. Larry Stockstill at Bethany one of the overseers. someone left an interesting comment on the “separation post” post in this sub about Art still having a CFA restaurant in the middle of all this, and how CFA normally has morality clauses etc. 115 best r/ashterkandfam images on Pholder. Lysa’s response to a family update. You're not "wrong" in the calling out part, but we're not here to do that to each other. I could be wrong but this just looks like a filter to me. What if it’s about COTH taking in …. I too would like an update but he seems like the private kind and honestly, I don’t blame him. There was a program called 24/7 that cost about $5000 to attend. So many posts and none have pinpointed the timeline of the pathetic, narcissistic complete bullshit that has occurred over the last …. 2k members in the Ashterkandfam community. Another 462 words (33 lines of text) covering the years 1230, 1295, …. Dear Ashley, Since I know you monitor this thread, I’ve got something to say. Explore Ashterkandfam (r/ashterkandfam) community on Pholder | See more posts from r/ashterkandfam community like Lysa IG story about narcissism lol. Jen Hatmaker : r/Ashterkandfam. BUT she's the one who has posted and or talked about it this whole time. My opinion is it’s just a good filter. Spencer, Ashley, and David knew each other through a small group at U of A. From what everyone has said who allegedly knows them, David. Lysa IG story about narcissism lol. No helmet : Ashterkandfam. Business, Economics, and Finance. It’s a matter of when not if and she’ll get an opportunity to blog about this new life of hers. Lysa seems to be a strong woman and I am sure she will come out stronger and better in the end! StrikingCookie6017 • 2 yr. It derived some popularity from the fact that it was borne by a number of famous. Free Chapel Pastors : r/Ashterkandfam. It was stated in all of their documents if you wanted to lead a small group or have any part …. Early History of the Ackland family. That name is derived from the Germanic elements ans, meaning god, and helm, meaning protection or helmet. None of my conjunctures were based on “insider” information. At some point a new beau will enter the picture. A safe space for non-christians or ex-christians on here particularly those who are triggered by all the Evangelical / Christian language and terminology used at times on this little section of the Internet. Seems like ST is reallllyyyy close with his momma and sistersbeing a mom to boys and having brothers, I wonder what the important women in his …. I remember learning, in 2016, that she was dropping out to be David's wife – and I'm not saying that to be snarky. im not an ashley stan and i’m super critical of her and the whole family but i’m starting to think that an additional thing….